The contest “Golden Eagle”, will the 100 best dishes typical mexican

World University under the direction of Lic Joel Ruiz Calzada and the Association of Rescue of gastronomic Traditions, AC, which directs the Anthropologist, Chef Ada Valencia Gallegos, joined forces in a first edition of this student contest, held at the Bankers Club in Mexico City in November 2015, with the participation of 20 universities, mainly in Mexico City. Thanks to the great convocation, was the execution of the “100 best dishes typical mexican” .

In the second edition, which continues with the premise of promoting the teaching and practice of the traditional mexican cuisine from the training college, they extended the call to all the country, achieving the participation of a university in each state of the Mexican Republic, which will represent its own cuisine.

The contest will be held in Guadalajara on 19 and 20 January 2017, at the Holiday Inn Expo, within the framework of the Gastronomic Fair Mexican, which will present the 3 best dishes from each state, drawn up by the more than 300 students of the participating universities. There will also be an extensive programme of workshops, talks and tastings, taught by different specialists.

Within the personalities involved, both as judges and speakers are: chefs Sylvia Kurczyn, Isabela Dorantes, Joan Bagur and Nico Mejia, journalist gastronomic Fabiola of the Source and promoter of mezcal, artisan, Laura Noguera.

The points to evaluate will be: dishes, research, ingrefientes, process, presentation, taste, temperature, explanation, cleaning and development of team.

Within the academic program, will be held tastings of tequila and mezcal, wine tasting, and lectures on mexican cuisine and its economic impact.

Without doubt a unique beauty contest, which will awaken greater interest in our kitchen.

More information Ada with Valencia at (442) 426 1080