The culinary diversity of Las Vegas in Monterrey

By Elsie Mendez

Las Vegas is recognized more and more every day for its extraordinary culinary offer. Large and very well-known chefs are opening up new spaces in this city that gave a twist to his image and tourist product for today to be one of the consenting lovers of good eating. For this reason, the city that never sleeps, presented its culinary diversity in a fun barbecue. This was Las Vegas in Monterrey.

Monterrey is one of the cities where they are most respects the technique of cooking on the grill, therefore, it was expected that the office of tourism of Las Vegas requested the support of chef Sean Griffin, who is the executive chef of Jean Georges Steakhouse at the Aria hotel, one of the big favorites to enjoy extraordinary cuts of meat and dishes that are cooked with great expertise in the grill restaurant.

To make this activity even more fun, the chef Griffin gave a cooking class, in which attendees developed two of their dishes badge: Ribs stewed pearl and Fillets of skirt.

A beautiful terrace was the scene where they set up grills on which they cooked these delicious dishes. While cooking, the chef shared his knowledge and I also listen to about the forms and techniques that the inhabitants of this city used to make their famous grilled meats.

The theme of the cocktail had to be present, and it is impossible not to think of delicious and special drinks when one brings to mind Las Vegas. To share this experience the Las Vegas office brought to Monterrey to one of the mix├│logas most recognized of the city: Juyoung Kang, who is the bartender-in-chief of the bar-The Dorsey in the hotel The Venetian Las Vegas.

Juyoung Kang taught to the participants 4 of the recipes most successful of the bar: East Side Rickey; Apologies, Wilson; Penicilin and Coney Island Express. While preparing he commented that tequila and mezcal are an important part of the distillates used as they allow you to make many combinations novel and fun.

So you know, if yours are the meat and good cocktails, they have pending a visit to Jean Georges Steakhouse at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, and at the bar The Dorsey in the hotel The Venetian Las Vegas.

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