The last-minute gift : a subscription to the new “Jamie Magazine”

Often at Christmas, I’m offering a subscription to a magazine of any kind, kitchen or not, depending on the mood of the moment. Ca allows me to enjoy the gift for 1 year, as arrivals of magazines, every month, every 2 months, etc .. This year, I had the vague impression of having done the rounds of the magazines : I know it by heart magazines in cooking, I made the rounds of magazines, the so-called “female” and I rather buy them piecemeal, I’m not the target of the magazine of the range deco (their ideas are often inaccessible and for the rest, I’m doing it alone) and not attempted by the magazines of gardening (not very trendy, it would be necessary to dust it off a bit). And this is where the new Jamie Magazine is here !!!

Finally a new magazine, a new style, a new way to make and present the ls things. A magazine that is strongly reminiscent of the books of Jamie, both in the substance and the form. What more can one ask ?

You want to see more ?

And of course the final word is for Jools, Mrs Jamie Oliver in the life :

Not a bad Christmas gift, is it not ? In addition, there is no need to run to the shops full of people, the queues at the checkout. Just subscribe here and to offer the subscription form.

What do you think ? Fans of Jamie will love it, I am sure …