The return of the lunchbox and the implementation of the meal prep

Toc Toc Toc … Yes it’s been a few months that I promise to come back and I have not found the time. Then I take advantage of these few hours of tranquility in this first day of the year 2018 to wish you a beautiful and happy year. I also took the opportunity to come back to tell you about one of my good resolutions : the return of the unchbox to stop to eat anything at any time.

It must be said that in this month of January, the return to sports activities a more regular basis is the order of the day, to prepare for the big races of the season (for that, you can follow me on my blog sport The Sporty Family).And the 1st day of the year, now was the time for big resolutions as always. But I would take that a : stop eating anything at any time, due to lack of time for lunch.
As I often tell, I’m one of those people who are unable to eat in the morning. So, I leave often the house with only a coffee in the belly, I nibbled anything about 10.30-11am and I often have lunch around 16h when I get the children to school, when they take their snack. Not terrible, eh ?

I am, therefore, leaning back on the quesion of the lunchbox, I’ve been thinking about how to organize myself to put the preparation in the days well filled, often with the sport late in the evening and I stumbled on this trend of the moment : the “meal prep” or preparation of his meals. I spent a few sleepless nights with me for a walk on the accounts Instagram dedicated to the “meal prep” and it is clear that it is rather a practice adopted by the athletes (fitness, running). The principle is simple : one prepares his meals in advance for the week by cooking all day when you have time. But most of those who do it is found to eat the same thing every day ! I admit that it must be a bit boring to always have the same breakfast …

But the idea seemed good enough to try the adventure anyway, what I’ve done …

To start with, I’ve done the tour of my cupboards to get out all the boxes that could fit : easy to store, not too large, compatible with the fridge and the microwave. Finally, as I have always been a dapte of the lunchbox, I placed on hands on lots of boxes, perfect for a new year.

BPA free plastic or glass, with airtight lids for those which I plan to put in food that can leak, I have done my small selection of these boxes here, depending on the needs.

I dug in the recipes of the meal for new year’s eve and day meal to be a meal for 2 days saying to me that I would have the time to cook Wednesday considering I don’t have to run around dropping kids left and right because they are on vacation. I also dug into my fridge and my freezer to fill these boxes. The fact always have steamed vegetables in the freezer saves course things.

I took advantage of the exercise to make me a few small boxes for the snacks, to finally stop eating croissants or snickers as soon as I have a little hungry. For this, it is easy : I put the dried fruit that I had in a large dish for all to mix. I put a nice handful of this mixture in several small boxes and I added over a few squares of dark chocolate cut into small pieces. I used these same boxes to put fruit (clementines and grapes).

And voila, your snack is ready : boxes of fresh fruit will act as a dessert and boxes of dried fruit will act as a snack for at least 2 days.

I completed my preparations with 2 small boxes containing the canons and grated carrots, put the dressing in mini bottles (for my bento), and stored them in a cool place.

Tomorrow, it sufira to take a box of salad, a box for the dish and a yogurt or fruit for a complete meal ! I’ve even portions of cheese to individual have a meal worthy of the name : entry, dish, cheese and dessert. Royal, is it not ?

This evening, it is vraimen a ticket quickly for you to talk about the “meal prep”. I’ll be back with more length on top with the choice of containers, organization in the kitchen, etc