Tacos de guisado in Mexico

The Top 5 Flavors of Mexico: Tacos de Guisado

Starting today and for the next few weeks, we will count with you of the best places to eat in the street. Because mexican cuisine is not lived only in the great restaurants. In fact, they live on the streets, in homes, in small businesses and in corners of our city that hide small treasures of traditional flavors that have been part of Mexico since time immemorial. So today we start with a fundamental category for what’s on the whim in half a day. On the menu today: The Top 5 Tacos de Guisado.

5th. Place: Tacos El Güero

A true classic of the Colonia Condesa, with more than 20 years of history in a small premises located in Amsterdam and with Michoacán that anyone who has lived or spent by the Countess must know. The menu includes more than 15 varieties of casseroles, including the Pie of Chicken, Quelites, and the classic Liver and Onions. It is mandatory to ask for guacamole.

4th. Place: Doña Mary

In the center of the city, specifically on San Antonio Abad at the height of the Secretariat of Social Development, there is a small taco stand stew that, while it may scare the classic fans of the restaurant under the bias of “street food”, offering extraordinary flavors and varieties that change from day to day. Impressive the wad of sandwich meat and the chile relleno. Meets perfectly what a “Good, Nice and Cheap”. But in addition, clean, and had that homemade taste that much to be grateful for.

3rd. Place: Tacos La Morena

In Tacuba, under the bridge of National Navy there is a small local that has more than 30 years of history. For many, many years, is dedicated to selling only tacos of viscera, i.e., liver, kidneys, heart and other ingredients not suitable for people picky. However, a couple of years here, though still offering its main ingredients, now also offer different variety of casseroles.

2nd. Place: The Purushon

In Torquato Tasso, in the colony of Polanco is this place that offers more than 15 varieties of casseroles. A good taco meatballs and the pork Cracklings in Salsa. A place for those who refuse to learn about some taco shop, more traditional, but want to try this variety of fast-food is very mexican. They are nothing expensive and, apart from all, have delivery service.

1st. Place: Tacos Gus

It turns out that our first place not only is a taqueria with more than 20 pots different. It is also an extraordinary example of what can be done with a gastronomic business that know how to exploit social networks, tastes, geography and, above all, the need of flavors is extraordinary and with quality, cleanliness and tradition. Located in Amsterdam almost coming to Citlaltépetl in the colonia Condesa, these studs offer the traditional Liver and Onions, Quelites and Steak in Chile Pasilla, but also have Cochinita Pibil, Rajas and Cake of potatoes. In addition, it is unique in that it offers appetizers such as mezcals and tequilas to start the meal.

So, you know, the streets of Mexico city are full of places where you can taste a cuisine authentic mexican. Go, try it and share with us your impressions.