The tourism absent in the proposal of the presidential candidates.

By: Carlos Dragonné

It is time to talk about the topic that we all seem to overlook within our industry and has become a polite fiction of this Mexico in which we are living. Because, in addition, it seems that there will be no way of listening to candidates for any elected office -regardless of level – any political party that addresses them. It has been ignored and has been left to grow as a snow ball until it became an elephant in the room that seems to be willing to crush us all and to an industry that generates jobs and billions of dollars annually. And it all begins with a question: Where is the tourism in the priorities?

Photo published in the Newspaper Noroeste.

Some weeks ago I talked about the issue of insecurity which affects the tourist industry of our country. And as the passing of the days and are still going on the trips, we discovered corners even more dangerous than we thought safe. However, having still that open debate, the reality is that there is a project that makes them think that the ministry of Tourism will be in the hands of a team who has the least idea of what to do with it.

Why no one talks about the growth in the rates of trafficking in the destinations of Quintana Roo? Where are the efforts of government to improve the conditions of Oaxaca, to mention a state, in terms of governance, that allow to give an impression of a Mexico safe and at peace? How long we will continue believing that travel to San Luis Potosi on the road is safe? Where is lost the regulations of marine operators that will more than boost tourism are exploiting the ocean and destroying the environment? What in the hands of who was and will be the Secretariat of Tourism?

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But let’s get back to the topic that motivated this issue. At what point is he spoke of what should be done for the tourism of our country in the last presidential debate? Opened three fronts of topics and, if the deshojamos one-to-one, we will be able to see how little appears the importance of the industry in the minds of those who seek to rule the sixth most important country in the world in terms of international tourism.

The first theme: Public Safety and Violence. According to figures from the International Organization for Migration, Mexico is the second country in the world with the highest child sex tourism. Yes… take your time to digest that information. Thousands of minors are sexually exploited in Mexico. What has already happened, the bitter drink? In the following data: united States, Canada and the Uk, among other countries, have issued travel alerts to their citizens to not visit our country. Why? The exponential increase in the killings malicious in states that are home to the most important tourist destinations such as Baja California, Quintana Ro, or, Jalisco, Nayarit , and, of course, Warrior. But we’re a lot of fun making memes of the debate, isn’t it? And what about the issues, to when?

Photo published in The Financial

Only as data, it would be good to point out that according to the Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, the homicide rate in Acapulco is 113.2 per 100,000 inhabitants, which placed it in 2016 as the second most violent in the world. That has made chains like Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton and Fairmont have left the port that was once the badge of our beach tourism. But, yes, next year expect the Tianguis Cheap there, after the statement that Mazatlan was the best swap meets in the story. As it was the previous and the previous and the previous… Go, as a statement of a footballer at the end of a match.

The second point of discussion was the Fight against Corruption and Impunity. And I start with a question: can Someone explain the money spent in the last two federal administrations, in tourism? Because for most that will I seek, do not meet even the bottom of the barrel or the results of that spending. How many mangroves and ecological zones have we seen destroyed by the arrangements of the governors today are either fugitives or in jail, but that no one removed to hotels, restaurants and operators who have benefitted? When was the last time you tried you take a taxi in Cancun, for example, without feeling ripped off with a distance of 10 miles for $600 pesos? How many times a week I receive or moche or threats to the public order forces in the colonia Condesa on the part of a drug cartel that clearly the government of the City of Mexico refuses to see that it exists?

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Democracy, Pluralism, and Groups in Situation of Vulnerability was the third theme that was addressed in this kind of circus of the absurd in that it became the debate. “What has that to do with tourism and gastronomy?”, you might ask. The reality is that not care of vulnerable groups makes havoc in the tourist industry directly. In Michoacán, for example, he deceived the indigenous communities to acquire credits from the government with the false promise of converting them into tourist operators and service providers. Today, these communities are in total poverty, surviving with the bare minimum while the Secretariat of Tourism of the State charged with a credit to change of a project of tourist promotion that never came.

It’s a shame to have spent sitting in front of the tv trying to listen to proposals that generate the reconstruction of the social fabric through culture tourism and the economy of the sector. I was waiting to know what would make every one of the five characters -representing project non-existent that it seems that only they know – with the communities in which they are planted and harvested the ingredients that are endemic to our country. I were the hours wanting to understand how you would defend the Mexican gastronomy in the world and how it would increase the protection of the environment through sustainable tourism initiatives.

The efforts that we have seen in recent years in the sector have been made through initiatives by private organizations and entrepreneurs seeking to promote a series of actions that result in spills tourism and, above all, in the generation of welfare for those who are part of the chain. None of the five on the stage thought of this. And perhaps it’s because while the tourism of our country continues to suffer the ravages of violence, crime, corruption and the lack of opportunities, the new Secretary of the bouquet anda fighting to legalize marijuana at the state level because, according to him, would boost tourism in certain destinations. No, Enrique (two, again), the solution is not a patch but a complete restructuring. And no, Margaret, Andrew, Joseph, Jaime, and Ricardo. It is not something to ignore, because tourism not only live in families that operate it, but the finances of the entire country. Perhaps from his infinite pride can’t see it, but there is something more than travel by Washington, London, Paris, Atlanta or McAllen. It is a pity that you forget them.