The trick to make mini cheesecakes easy mini cheesecake raspberry coulis

I love cheesecake and, moreover, it is prepared regularly at home. The problem is that we are 3 to love it and blow a big cheesecake, even if it keeps well in a cool, seems to me precisely always too big. So, I searched for a tip to prepare this cake in mini version, while waiting to receive the mold to mini footprints removable bottom that I had ordered, once again at Lakeland, my place of perdition in recent months.

And it is in feuillenant a viiiiieux Spanish magazine that I discovered the trick of madness : it is enough to garnish his muffin tin of boxes and make mini cheesecakes in these boxes. This is the double kisscool effect because it is not only easy but in addition you can choose trays of pretty and original to dress up a little mini cheesecakes (let’s face it, the rim of a cheesecake is not always very nice).

I am so eager to test this tip and it works great !

I took my recipe for cheesecake favorite (I love when it is not too sweet), I lined my muffin tin pan with paper liners in shades of fuschia to better fit in with the raspberry coulis and I topped the biscuit base and then my preparation to the cheese before baking.

A few hours of rest later, my little cheesecakes were perfect …

Then, simply garnish the top with a little raspberry coulis, to serve and enjoy …

Next time, I test in trays with flowers in the shades of green and this will surely be a cheesecake with pistachio …

And you, the mini cheesecakes, you do ?