The workshop of the home-made : everything to make the fruit compote in gourds

Here, we love the home-made. It’s been years that we are making yogurt and since one year we also made our yoghurt drinks, our white cheese, our faisselles, etc with the yogurt maker MultiDelices Seb and its various accessories such as bottles for yoghurt drink, the tray of white cheese or even the pots-trimmed basket rack for the fresh cheese and faisselles.
Obviously, we transform also full of fruit compotes and after having tested and approved the water bottle silicone Beaba when my children were small, I started looking for another way to put this compote in water bottles without having to buy 10 gourdes in silicones as the model Beaba.

It is in perusing the English version of Amazon (one of the sites that I visit the most, to blow) that I stumbled on this device that allows you to fill in the self-same gourds with purees of vegetables or compotes. This device is sold as a “press purée” at the destination of babies who begin their diversification, but I’ve mostly seen a juicer for sauces and I did not hesitate to order it.
Don’t worry, in the meantime, Amazon France has had to detect a certain potential to this product and began to sell it also.

As this device ? In the photo :

It is composed of a base on which to fit 3 water bottles and 3 clear tubes. Once the gourds “clipped” to the tubes, just fill out these applesauce and press with the plunger provided with to fill. Once full, one leitmotiv of the pipes, it comes out of the gourds from their location and it is closed with the provided caps before storing in a cool place.

The base is anti-slip, push-button also. The set is dishwasher safe for even more time saving, and the whole thing is of course PVC-free or phthalate (after all at first it is thought for all small !).

The benefits of this product :

  • It is supplied with 10 water bottles and 10 stoppers
  • The gourds transparent allow you to see the content
  • It will keep in a cool place or in the freezer and then simply pass them under hot water to thaw
  • We control the composition of our compotes and say goodbye to added sugars and other components is not always necessary
  • The 10 water bottles are washable and reusable even if this is not the easiest part 😉
  • It does not immediately account, but the gain of space in the fridge is not negligible.

Of course like all home-prepared (as opposed to those in the trade), these bottles can only be stored for 48 hours in a cool place (longer in the freezer) but in general they are quickly swallowed.

Yesterday for example, we opted for the stewed apples and pears ; easy to prepare, just peel and cut into chunks 4 apples, 3 pears and cook them with 2 tablespoons of vanilla flavor, without adding sugar or water. At the end of 20 minutes, we mix the preparation, leave it to cool before putting in water bottles and store in a cool place.

This device is sold at a price of 31,99€ with 10 gourds on Amazon France. I haven’t done the math to find out if, in the end, these compotes were then less expensive than the gourds of the trade because it was not my objetcif in purchasing it. I am delighted to be able to make my own compotes with children, to have a container that I can bring them to the exit of the school and the side (semi -) sustainable development of these water bottles can also make a small gesture for the planet.

In any case, long live the homemade !