Three weeks for the pleasure. What to do in las Vegas Uncorkd?

By: Carlos Dragonné

Starts April. And the best thing about this month is that it begins the countdown for giving us the gourmet escape, which we mark on the calendar. I have already told of the things that’s going to be this year in Vegas Uncork’d, but I just check the calendar and there are two things that caught my attention in this second review, and that already put me in a conflict to choose well what I have to do and the stomach that I have to devote to events. First, because a couple of events collide on the calendar, but also because I crave all. And that is the problem that always live in this event organized by the magazine Bon Appétit because there are so many things I want to do and that I want to try that I end up getting lost of something and, at the end of the four days of culinary pleasure, I put on the list by doing one or two chefs that I have missed on the trip. But, as every year, it turns out that the event improves and additions impressive, so I end up adding to the same list of things that, basically, they start to turn into a good reason to simply travel to Las Vegas to meet with the earrings. What is it that I conflictúa this year? Three events in particular. So we’ll do something… I here is the story and you help me to choose.



Some time ago, surfing the television channels I found the Chef Balloo in any broadcast of Good Morning America and there was something that caught the attention of what was preparing, so I started to search things about your project Sugarcane Raw Bar and I discovered that I was in Miami, the thing that made me pretty happy because I had a trip to Miami a week later. The problem was that the schedule left me with some free time and I had to go back and forth without taking a moment to get to know the place. Now, after several months of not stopping in Las Vegas, it turns out that last November opened in what was the V Bar in the Venetian , this concept that both has triumphed on the coast of Florida. And therefore in the framework of the event, Balloo will present a selection of the dishes most emblematic of Sugarcane on Thursday, the 27th in the afternoon. Basically, it is one of the events at boot. The logical thing to do would be to go away places and buying tickets to something that I have been waiting for since I discovered that transmission and I traveled to Miami last year, do you agree? Well… the problem is that also at that time will be presenting a Quickfire Happy Hour, the chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger at the Border Grill. And yes… we have been several times with them, but just that is the conflict. We have repeated because they are made of The Flavors of Mexico and the World. And is that on this occasion, we will have the opportunity to be a part of the kitchen and put our capabilities in culinary in action to serve and cook in teams to fill a table of cocktails, flavours and dishes while the famous Too Hot Tamales make for coach of the teams. Basically what we are deciding is to be a part of a kind of fantasy cooking show and contest with great cooks by reviewing and advising what to do. Do you see why I’m so indecisive? If you want to get in, in the page of Vegas Uncork’d is the information of each event.


Since I have memory as a fan of star chefs, I have always loved projects of Giada De Laurentiis. Since a couple of years ago that started his restaurant in The Cromwell, every time I have gone to the city I make a stop for breakfast something in a place that, in addition, receive me with a portrait of Dino De Laurentiis, one of the producers of a movie that marked my love of sci-fi movies like Dune or classics such as Hannibal, Army of Darkness, Conan The Barbarian or Serpico. Well, on the 29th, while I thought to relax after the bacchanal of The Grand Tasting, Giada will receive guests for a brunch in which in addition to the mimosas -by that to get hydrated the right way – there will be a plethora of food from the menu of the absolute definition of comfort food I can find in Las Vegas. That looks like it might be a Saturday light, you can become a true jam of amazing food and the opportunity to meet Giada and talk with her for a few minutes. Wait… to meet Giada… I think there is already debate if I should or should not attend. There I see.

My schedule for Vegas Uncork’d seems full, in fact. It is more… I can almost say that it is an agenda that is going to deserve a holiday detox with a week of pure salad, green juice, buttermilk and mineral water to correct what I will do to the digestive system. But the reality is that there is nothing more I like than going out to Las Vegas Boulevard heading to the airport, or heading to the Interstate -remember that this time we’ll make the roadtrip that I told you a few articles – and know that they have been four days to enjoy at the maximum the flavors of the best chefs in the city. That has Vegas Uncork’d… from before, as I’m savoring the days. Missing three weeks. Does anyone that I can put in hibernation for me to pass the days faster?