Tourist Home Cafe: simple rebellion to be honest.

By: Carlos Dragonné

One of the largest remnants for restaurants in cities I travel is the dynamics of change and the market that is in constant evolution, like any society. Adapt the ideas to meet a community of constant learning is what may close kitchens, and even careers. Now imagine that in a college town, with a market that is changing every certain period of time. The answer: stay as faithful as possible to what you saw being born. Welcome to Flagstaff. Today’s menu is served in Tourist Home Cafe.

This space is part of a tradition much deeper in Flagstaff. A neighbor of his two places brothers and with a space that has remained virtually untouched for decades, where workers come to relax and have fun at the end of the NINETEENTH century and early TWENTIETH century, Tourist Home is one of those pieces of authenticity that stand out in a culinary industry becoming more avid by surprise with things that, sometimes, nor the kitchen understood.

The aroma of an extraordinary coffee, it gives me the welcome to the climb the steps and cross the front door to an open space with bar in the center where the first notes of a double espresso shot already starting to tell me that it seems that I have come to the right place.

Created from the success of two previous business, Tourist Home has found in the honest kitchen honest and a concept that I return the faith that the culinary exploration is finding the way back home and to the sources that both seemed to be lost. Because there is no greater statement of honesty that dishes that depart from the love for the taste that takes us back to childhood.

I dare say that one of the two strongest points of this place -and right now we will talk of the other – is the bakery, the ovens where they leave cookies and bread varieties of those that apapachan the body in a morning in which we woke up to below zero degrees and we will be warming up from the inside between flavors of chocolate, oatmeal, peanut butter and butter.

And it is at this point, a day before the end of my trip to Arizona, Tourist Home Cafe let me make it clear that the biggest lesson of this destination’s neighbor to the north: despite the fact that we think of Arizona as a desert, the culture of farms and ingredients is, without doubt, one of the largest rootedness that exist.

It is when you understand why the kitchen knows different. While the concept of Farm to table has its origins in California and the great boom on the east coast, the reality is that Arizona -and other states – has dominated since before it was a fashion or an element of the description culinary destination. Here is just a way of life. It is their way of life.

With already a little bit of coffee mills Firecreek Coffee in the body and convinced to return before taking to the road the next morning, I decide for the dishes that will give me strength for my day in Walnut Canyon, so I leave a Sandwich of the core of this place is responsible for the matter. Urgent tell you that after ten days here, I’ve found the two best coffees from all my travel by the united States, both in Firecreek, as at Press Coffee Roasters Scottsdale.

While I sip a third espresso, apologies for the bottles of wine and cans that are on sale behind the bar, and Lori, the manager, and a wealth of stories about ways of falling in love with Flagstaff in any of their stations, tell me about collaborative projects craft between vineyards and breweries, between chefs and farmers that Tourist Home drives as part not of a fad, but a vibrant culture.

These collaborations are not only an element of fun for those involved, but results of a philosophy for failing to make up what the earth is giving to put it in the hands of consumers. It is when I understand that it is the sense of community that gives strength and sustenance to a city like Flagstaff. There can be No other way when large part of your life revolves around the changing dynamics and vortex-university of a campus in which thousands of people come and go as the seasons are changing.

Therefore, the challenge of changing to meet a changing market, it would seem even stranger to Tourist Home. In an industry that is wanting to reinvent each ingredient brought to the dish, is this the kitchen of honesty with a taste for impeccable up to a declaration of rebellion in the kitchen. Because, at the end of the day, they know something that it seems that sometimes we forget and it is good that we remember it.

Beyond what you want to invent, the reality is that as stated by the master Paul Bocusse, there is only one type of cuisine: good cuisine. And not always comes in tablecloths long. Sometimes he embraces us in the bar for a coffee in the that, when you leave, I discover that not only was it a breakfast to handle the day, but a scale less in the pursuit of what the kitchen is and that so many paraphernalia it seems that we forget. That knows the food of Tourist Home Cafe: what should always be.

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