Traveling in the car for the new year part 1: MEXICO

By Carlos Dragonné

Needless to say, the christmas and the new year celebrations are perfect to bring the family and gather around the table with dinner is frugal and full of cravings decembrinos then we walk to remember in the diets of January. However, what would happen if we decided to change a little the dynamics and give a twist to our holiday end of the year? Why not take a car and cover miles and miles to see where we grab the change of the year? We, in fact, we already have more than you planned, and that is what we will be doing to see the arrival of 2017 on the west coast of the united States. What we did was buy tickets to the border city of Tijuana and book with the proper time to rent a mid-size car in Budget Rent A Car , again, was the one who offered us the best discounts and promotions, almost convincing me to stop pursuing other options in the next trip, because van 4 of 4 that does not earn him the proposal of other companies. But, what are the best road trips to grab this end of the year? We will put together a small list and recommendations.


How many days do you have? One thing that we can boast to the whole world is our road infrastructure. Yes, of course… the cities are made of pieces, but the reality is that many of the routes that can be done on the road in our nation’s roads of the first world and every year we launch new libramientos that we make the journey a lot easier. Begin by jumping from the city of Mexico to Puebla, where a stopover for breakfast at one of the best dining destinations is more than necessary. Well can jump into the Mural of Poblanos , and then walk a little to make a call in the Amparo Museum. They can be left to sleep in The Descansería and enjoy an amazing night with all the places to have fun in the city of los Angeles. Already in the morning, right there in the hotel they have a breakfast epic to take strength and rushing on to Veracruz, where can not miss a coffee repairman in The Parish and then a good walk along The Seawall. From here it depends on if you want to rest or continue the journey, because Villahermosa is 5 hours on the road. I would recommend jumping directly and get to sleep to the capital tabasqueña, for nothing how to take advantage of all day there, starting with the Parque Museo La Venta and, later, the Regional Museum of Anthropology. Food in Tabasco and then explore the nightlife of the city with bars and cantinas traditional to go to rest, as this can be one of the first stops of several days. The next day, you can go to the Marshes of Centla, one of the wetland areas largest on the continent, or, even, to go in the caves Coconá, of those places, imposing that they end up hipnotizarlo one. Yes, now ending there are to stop at the Captain Beuló II, a boat where you can enjoy good regional food in the middle of a historical tour, making a tribute to a ship that was even a health centre float.

Out of Tabasco, there is that track about 5 hours to Campeche, to get to eat direct to Marganzo, one of the restaurants most important in the state and winner of one of the Gourmet Awards a couple of years ago for its traditional cuisine. What you can do is to dine in the restaurant after having steered from Tabasco to Calakmul, one of the biosphere reserves of the world’s most important and, in addition, World Heritage Mixed site. And, then, as calmly, after having seen all this, there are two options to get to Playa del Carmen. Well you can go the southern route or the northern one. The first takes you through Sian-Ka’an, and, in fact, they can begin that path, stopping at Calakmul, to make more plans of a single day in the city of Campechn. The second takes you through Merida, where you can stop to eat with Roberto Solis in Nectar and pass by a coconut ice cream in the ice cream Parlor Columbus. Obviously, if you are in Mérida, you have to eat breakfast the next day in The Chaya Maya, an absolute must-see of the peninsula, then launched the 3 remaining hours and finish with several days of rest needed and well-deserved in Playa del Carmen, where if they do not stop in The Fishería, something they are doing wrong. And if you do not give away a dinner nearby on new year’s Le Chique with chef Jonatan Gomez-Luna, something they are doing even worse.

Hamachi, Restaurant, Le Chique, Riviera Maya.
Ceviche of shrimp and fish enclamatado, Restaurant La Fisheria Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico. The Flavors of Mexico ©

Back consider stopping at any of the places they visited on the route back to rest properly, or, if you dare, take turns the hours of operation. Although I recommend the first option, because there are more than 20 hours of road. Leaving on 26 December and returning on 4 January sounds like a great plan for this roadtrip.


Who hasn’t wanted to do this route? Who has not dreamed of even in do it on a bike? Therefore do not remain with the desire. Fly to Tijuana -Aeromexico is publishing the Monday amazing deals on what they call the I Am Travel Lover – and check out a car at the airport. They can, if they want to, escape to breakfast something, but the truth is that I recommend jumping in a jiffy to Mexicali where they can make the first stop to have breakfast quietly or lunch at mid-day. Mexicali has a thing incredible with you, that is the Theme Park of the Energy Alternative. Can stop in Meixcali to go in the Dunes The Algodones. In terms of hotels, there are lots of options, so you can take flight with the afternoon and rest up for grab on the road to San Felipe, which will take you just about two hours of road that will be entirely worth it to make sport fishing or, if it is not your thing, you can go to the hot springs of Puertecitos, one of those small paradises that one hopes will remain undiscovered by the mainstream of the national and international tourism to keep it just like it is. If you have ever been in a seafood restaurant, you will remember that many of them have on the menu the Shrimp San Felipe, so that is a basic test in the place of origin and, perhaps, one of my favorites is the restaurant La Vaquita Marina. Well fed, it is time to embark on the road to the next point: Bay of Angels, a protected natural area where the sighting of whales is the star of the whole trip. Tip: if you dive, I hope you will already have noticed that this is the perfect trip, because it is the perfect time for the sighting of a gray whale. Enjoy every second under the water, or even aboard one of the boats that are there to take you to the best experiences that Mexico can give them. And, if you want one of the best recommendations, take home campaign. Camping in Baja is something that should be considered as an obligation for all those who love to put a clean pair of heels and discover the world. The next day we stop at Loreto, where the diving is spectacular. Are 8 hours on the road, so first to arrive and register at the Hotel Santa Fe, a true jewel of the south of the peninsula of Baja California in the middle of a magical town that will do honor to the appointment, not like other that look like they were to the sharing of celebration that would give the ministry of Tourism a few years ago. One of the best things you can do here, in this fishing village, it became a fogatita on the beach and cook what the fishermen bring in their odyssey morning; yes, I warn you that the taste of the freshness of product of sea will not be the same for you. And, obviously, this is another great place for scuba diving in the best waters and the best time of year to do so. Here itself deserves a couple of days of relaxation, adventure, ecotourism and relaxation as a whole.

Since they have rested enough, it’s time to go to La Paz, where you will be able to apply a trip to espiritu Santo Island and enjoy one of the experiences in natural reserve, most impressive of all the country. In addition, few cities are as rich and diverse cuisine as this one, which seems to be half forgotten by the girl guides which then so dizzy or the foodies virtual that it seems that do not travel beyond San Miguel de Allende. Peace is worth a couple of days of relaxation and eco-tourism activities. And when you exit there’s nothing like jumping into All Saints , where you can immerse yourself in the intensity of the cultural life happens in the destination. And if they’re very adventurous, from here you can go to visit in a day the Revillagigedo Archipelago, a spectacular experience at this time of year.

Then yes… it is time to go to Los Cabos. A destination that may well offer experiences ecotourism impressive as Cabo Pulmo, the best dive destination I know of in this country, and where, for the time of the end of the year, sightings of shark reef is a thing of any moment that one low to the water. Or if you prefer to thrown away to forget about any thing and enjoy now yes a break, without stopping, accompanied by extraordinary food, this destination has the best All-Inclusive in the country: The Fiesta Americana Grand los Cabos, where Chef Gerardo Rivera has one of the best kitchens of hotels that has touched me to try. After about 5 days here, let’s go back to Tijuana with a stopover for rest in Guerrero Negro, right in the middle of the Biosphere Reserve of El Vizcaíno to an aguachile second to none, and take the forces for the remaining hours of road.

Remember that any of these trips you can rent a car and leave it in the final destination for that, if you give them a bit of laziness, throwing the back of the steering wheel, buy a one way ticket from San Jose del Cabo to Tijuana or, if you chose the first trip, from Playa del Carmen to Mexico city. This is one of the great advantages of Budget Rent a Car, because, although all charge a fee for the drop-off at different destination, also here is the rate more fair for all of us who were watching.

If you want to rush to do tours on the roads of the united States, wait for the next article in a few days, to give them that we believe are the two routes that are more fun to do, in addition to the San Diego – San Francisco-we will be platicándoles in January.

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