Tutorial for folding the sheet of bricks in a triangle

Following a “discussion” on Instagram (yes, after Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is the last place where we chat and swap) on the beautiful samosas made by Eamimi, I proposed to Krolus a small tutorial to form triangles with phyllo pastry. I am running with pleasure.

In reality, the folding is very simple to perform, it is sufficient to have the sheet of brick at the start and the subsequent moves almost naturally. After that it gets pretty trianges, such as 2-time and 3 movements :

Let’s start from the beginning …

When you get out a sheet of brick from its package and remove the paper that protects it, it looks like this :

(the shelf under the sheet of brick, it is for Eamimi)

The festivities begin then …

Step 1 : fold the filo pastry on itself and can be cut to have 2 half sheets, one begins by folding a half sheet of paper, in the posing in front of itself to the vertical, the side rounded to the left.

Step 2 : We folded the leaf in on itself, the rounded corner to the right edge, you push a little along the fold to make the fold precisely (photo by gauce). In the bottom corner, place a spoon of stuffing (right photo) :

Step 3 : take the bottom right corner and fold it to the left as to form a triange rectangle (left photo). We take gently the triangle formed and the flap to the right, stack hair along the fold :

Step 4 : It raises again the triangle that has formed (photo, left) and on the flap, this time to the left, always along the fold (right photo) :

Step 5 : We consider again the triangle and the flap to the right again the plong of the fold (left photo). It folds the top-right corner down to form a cutting edge (right photo) :

Step 6 : take the tip thus formed, and it comes under the fold of the sheet of bricks, a bit like an envelope (left picture). Once the flap is fully folded back, the triangle is formed : Victory !

Then you have any follow-up ? It is easy right ?

A little reminder of a few tips to keep in mind :

– The folding of the bricks in a triangle, it is almost a simple pendulum swing “left-right” from the beginning to the end.
– The secret of the triangles, regular it is to always stay within the “rails” that form the filo pastry, folded : folded the long ends left, then along the stops the right, again along the stops left, etc
– It should not hesitate to “tighten” the triangle to be able to make enough movements in the “left-right” and lock the stuffing.
– If the closure of the brick seems complicated, it is enough to baste the last “flap” that is made of egg yolk and fold/glue on the last side of the sheet of brick to close the brick.

Go is up to you to play !