#UberSeQueda and a blow to the tourism courtesy of @ManceraMiguelMX

By: Carlos Dragonné (@carlosdragonne)

Dear (do you?) Miguel Angel Mancera:

As a constant traveler, I like to get to any city and venture in the most profound way possible. But I always need those small chinks of security and comfort of something familiar. Like everyone, I always look for these logos that I offer what I know at home, who give me service as I require and as I am used to it. That’s why, when you spend more than 10 days and I am off I do not go running to look for a taqueria, but yes I would like to thank the sporadic food in any chain that here I visit a lot less than you imagine, or, on other occasions, I turn to some of the bare spots with a good mexican coffee and I ask for an espresso with that bean oaxacan or chiapas which go going around the world and I always come back in flavors of San Cristobal de las Casas or to a spot in front of the Ex-Convent of Santo Domingo. I wouldn’t even call the syndrome of the jamaicon, but the urgency of knowing that, no matter where you are, I’ll always be safe.

Uber, for many international travellers –not to mention the citizens of the CITY who use it for reasons already explained at the surfeit, and that, secure, and inevitably, I will touch on at some point in this paragraph– is one of those loopholes in security. Born in 2009, to the day of today is the company’s most important transportation of passengers worldwide. Its CEO Travis Kalanick gave just the nail on the head when he came up with something to fix the problem of the service of taxis at the global level. Eye, is not a company that competes with taxis, but offers an alternative service and comfort, safety and service in the countries where it is operating. The concept of your service has generated an important alliance as the signed with Starwwod Preferred Guest in the guests of this chain that are part of this loyalty program, they have access to benefits when using the services of the company.

Uber: transparency and security when traveling.

Since their services are high end up to ridesharing, Uber has something that a lot of taxi services, city-dwellers don’t have: control and transparency. But, in addition, when one begins to look thoroughly on the matter, finds that the market of the company is not an open market at 100%, but is formed by a segment of public that seek services of high range. If, in addition, we began to talk about the quality of the traditional service of taxis in Mexico city, it would the article ever. But it is worth noting that we all have negative experiences in a taxi from the city of Mexico or, at least, we know two or three passengers who have been affected by abusive practices, to say the least or, even, have suffered a crime on board of a taxi perpetrated, mostly, by the same taxi driver. The dark stories are the order of the day and ranging from assaults and kidnappings in their way euphemistically called “express”– to rape and killings that saturate the information of the red note. If you do not want to look as dramatic, just look at the number of times that, having made the stop a taxi in the city of Mexico we have had to come down because, at the time of giving directions, the driver responds with a simple “no, young man, I’m not going to there,” or, in most cases, turn off the meter and want to charge what, in their judgment, represents travel of, say, the Countess at the Benito Juarez international airport. And since we are on these shores, do you know how much I want to charge the last time I needed a taxi from the airport to Santa Fe? A whopping 550 pesos. Needless to say, I got on the metrobus and I asked a friend to pass me to the area of Reform.

Today it was announced that, following pressure from the taxi drivers of america, the INVEA has decided to pursue the operators of Uber and submit them to the warehouse because it didn’t bring the papers to correct for the transportation of passengers. I’m here, several questions arise which I will try to speculate about the response of them. Because it turns out that Alejandro de Santiago Palomares, director of the Institute of Administrative Check of the Federal District, I am sure, do not answer, and, worse still, shows that you, Miguel Angel Mancera, is completely away from the feel a citizen, of the lawfulness of the enterprising individual that you are looking for a way to increase their income in an economy and a city devastated by lawlessness, and, even worse, is on the verge of making frank human rights violations. All in the name of the taxi drivers of Mexico city, who refuse to transparency, the regulation and the improvement of their service. Go… as the Head of Government is preferring to keep things in the irregularity of always take this window of opportunity to improve the service of transportation of passengers of the Federal District, clearly, does not govern. So… let’s go with the questions.

What if best are put to work to compete? Or is it too much to ask?

How do they expect to stop and check the papers of the car? Will there be checkpoints at random to verify the legality of the cars or black vans SUV just because “they look like Uber”? I understand, then, that we are in a witch hunt that will put the city in check with a larger amount of places where the traffic will be the order of the day, the corruption , the double and the fear of citizens to the triple that the only thing they want is to get to your destination quietly, something that seems doomed to be a simple story with this government. Someone explain as this is not, at the same time, a serious offence, the right of free transit.

Where are the rights enshrined in the Constitution? As I understand it, unless something I’ve escaped in the last few weeks, I, as a citizen, I am among the individual guarantees the right to free association. That means that, while it is not breaking the law, I have the right to join whoever and, if that right allows me to call someone and ask that they pass by me to take me somewhere in exchange for a fee stipulated between us like a mutual agreement, I’m still waiting for you, as a ruler, explain to me why I was deprived of that right. More when this choice I make for my own safety and for the benefit of your own without, again, breaching any law.

Is this the way to encourage tourism in CDMX? The new policy impetus to the tourism in the city of Mexico, with this decision, it seems to be to expose the tourists to the charges unfair, taxi drivers are not prepared, are not regulated and that surf every day on the impunity absurd and absolute. Taxi drivers that apply perfectly “according to the sapo is the shot” and that, on many occasions, stolen blatantly from the user. But, in addition, the tourist is exposed to the driver without the slightest respect for the traffic rules or basic safety. When was the last time you boarded a taxi from the city and put on the seat belt? When was the last time you had a seat belt to get?

When was the last time a taxi CDMX was clean?

Do you search for the INVEA attract drivers of Uber to take them to the warehouse as they arrive? If you do, there will be different to those taxi drivers who, angered by not being able to compete with a quality service, they decided to grab a ball hitting a driver of Uber and its unity with the passenger inside. If they will be, in any way, denying the right to circulate freely and to perform a work activity to citizens who, unlike taxi drivers who defend from the offices in which they work, pay taxes, give bill, are transparent and direct with a service that they are giving.

No, mr. Mancera. Wrong you to prosecute Uber and Cabify. Wrong flagrantly when you decide to make a gang and, in doing so, it simply becomes satrap of the city of Mexico, not the ruler. Because I, as a citizen, I have the right to transport myself with whoever I please, make a contract between individuals who more suits me best and perform my activities as best I am interested. No, mr. Mancera. I don’t have to be bound and condemned to use the system of transport of passengers that you have in the abandonment, the shame and illegality. I don’t have to suffer the abuse of the taxi drivers which you both fear and today I have kidnapped by some obvious blackmail political election, which results in a sequestration of the rights of the citizens who live in the CITY or the tourists who visit it. You have decided to take the side of those who have spent years being one of the examples of why it is not safe to come to Mexico city. So, yes. Within his capricious need to be on good terms with the gangs that freely circulate in your vaunted CDMX dressed in the mandatory uniform of pink and white –another detail of cheesiness and ridiculousness of that already then platicaremos–, you are affecting the citizens free to do what they feel like with their means of transportation in this chaotic city that already can’t you control. And, by the way, is giving him a kick in the rear –not to call it something more honest, and conversational– given to those who, one day, they decided to think “let’s go over the holiday in the city of Mexico.” Because the first story is an account of a journey it is and will always be how he was one with the taxis at the exit of the airport. And since then, we’re screwed.

Does the strategy for the fight against Uber of CDMX?

PD. Only in Mexico city I use Uber. Do you know why? Because I don’t remember in all my trips abroad that I have wanted to see the face in the taxi. And look at that, if he gives you a back to this site, you will see that I travel quite a bit.

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