We’ll see you in Las Vegas to shout “Viva Mexico!”.

By: Carlos Dragonné

Since we arrived in Las Vegas. We are already installed in the hotel that you have chosen to spend our weekend of September 15 in the city of sin. What now? What do we do? Where do we go? How do we make our escape different from all the times that we’ve been here? Well… here’s a small list of basic recommendations to apply a trip to mexico by these bearings.

‘Ora yes the food is the food.

Give chance to new visions of mexican cuisine with a particular style. For that reason, the best place I can think where you give a twist to the cuisine that we so very much want is Mesa Grillin Caesars Palace. For years we have been eating pozole and pork rinds while we wait for the fireworks in the Socket or where we want. But we are in Las Vegas, so we may as well give us a taste a little different without leaving the roots to one side.

It is pretty good when we travel to give you new memories to the taste buds, then what you have to do is to try what is served at Fleur, the menu Tour the World that is a jewel in all senses. If you get a doubt mexican by the dates, get the pretext that the Executive Chef is Lupe Avila, mexicanísimo to the core and one of the best in the city.

Agenden the shows. Not in Las Vegas as The Grounds.

The theme of the entertainment on a weekend as well does have its complications: the city is llenísima. People are looking for the same thing as you. When you board the plane, carrying at least the show agenda list. I, as you already know, I recommend five shows primarily and there you choose the you want.

Food Advertising by

You can go to Baz: Star Crossed Love in the Palazzo Theater, or launch into LOVE by Cirque du Soleil. They are also MJOne at Mandalay Bay or can be launched to Absinthe at Caesars Palace. In Luxor is Blue Man Group.

As you can see there are to choose from. Tip: the 16 there are box, so that if they are not interested, it can be a great time to jump in a show. If you are interested in, I notice that the bars charge cover for those events, so I would think twice. Besides, it is not as if they were to lose a fight worth…

What car? What Bus? Do you Uber?

Well… it depends. If you are going to release to the outside of the Strip, such as shopping or, for example, the concert of Ke$ha at M Resort, it is convenient to rent a car for one or two days, but just check out where you park when you walk on Las Vegas Boulevard, because in the past few months, most of the hotels charge. There are others that do not, but you can download a app that would tell you more easily.

If you are not going to get out of the Strip but want to go to Old Vegas and Fremont, it’s worth paying the three-day pass for public transport, the bus that goes by all of Las Vegas Boulevard and left on Fremont and then back to, say, the Caesars, for example.

But if yours is going to be to stay in the casinos of the Strip, from Mandalay to the Wynn, then use taxi only for emergencies like going to the airport, because the distances are quite walkable, and between the hotels there are monorieles.

New year in Las Vegas

Are you already back? Are they ready for the next?

The first thing that they need in return Las Vegas is… to plan the next trip. And here is where I’m going to spend a couple of tips that I used to strike out about four times a year to the city. Pending the call Sale Blue of Aeromexico, for example, because it is always out (about three times a year), Las Vegas and Houston are the destinations most in lower the cost in the offer.

Second tip, check your particular card points and miles, they all have certain offerings that allow them to sporadically take advantage of the points to return to Nevada. But, above all, to plan in advance to grab the best deals. In the end remember that each hotel is a different experience and, if they are pending, you can find offers for 5 days on less money than you can imagine.

See you September 15 for you to give the shout in The Park. There is a bar of beer that we can serve as the first point to shout “Viva Mexico” in the city of sin.