Xalapa, between the story and my stories.

By: Carlos Dragonné

They had been a couple of weeks of chaos and what I need was a break. A few days ago, I shared with you a text about those destinations a stone’s throw that we have and that we should take more to enjoy the country, so to me it seemed like a good opportunity to test the theory. The only thing is that my car was stuck at the mechanic and I was anxious to go somewhere. So, I put hands to the work, I opened the computer and I tell them where I went.



One of the great advantages of the road infrastructure is that you can apply a little journey by bus to many places without having to worry about more than getting, rid of stress, and return home recharged. And then I remembered that I had a long time not to walk in the lands of veracruzanas, so I went to browse, to look at options, review hotels, and planning in minutes a few days away from the city of Mexico. In a few minutes I had bought some bus tickets to Xalapa in ClickBus and was ready to disappear from the radar, and to reconnect with several memories.

Veracruz has a emotional issue that reminds me very much of my childhood. When I was a kid we went to Xalapa with considerable regularity for the simple pleasure of visiting friends of the family. Now with more than 15 years since the last time I walked by here, I was surprised to walk by the Parque Juarez, heading to The Parish, that classic of the port which also has a presence in Xalapa to start the day as you have to do: with a good cup of coffee with milk and a pan dulce.

After a brief visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Xalapa, where you definitely want to take a couple of photographs for the album that they are going to print any day, the centre of Xalapa is one of those spaces that contains too many things to do in a single day, so the first thing I would recommend is look for a hotel in the area to get sneakers or sturdy walking shoes, grab the camera and throw it to know.


In this space called the Agora, Xalapa we have the option to explore and discover the exhibits of the Pinacoteca Diego Rivera , or the Museo Casa de Xalapa, for example, or enjoy the view of the city from the terrace of the cafeteria in one of the best places to watch the sunset and paint not only the sky, but the roofs of a city that refuses to give up her history with the passage of time.

And that is what makes Xalapa so interesting. Between the narrow streets hiding museums, travel and breathe the history of five centuries and ranging from the Museum of the San Rafael Guízar y Valencia or the House of Caricature, until the Ex-Episcopal Palace and the Market Jauregui, a place that, despite the modern look, the result of a reconstruction after a fire, it captures the essence of what are the traditional markets of yesteryear.

And so, between the walking street and memories of childhood I was finishing off the end of the week. I woke up early to go to the Sanctuary of the Forest of Mist and remember it as the place that both we came in those years, and then took the road back to the city of Xalapa, with the sights set on a small fondita near the hotel where I stayed. I can’t remember if it is the place that you were when you were a child. But I like to think that there will always be a new opportunity to remember him.

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