Yogurt maker “vintage”

In the past few months, the yogurts are all the rage on the blogs and I have a mad urge to buy me a yogurt maker when I see the wonders that it can do. During the last balances, a yogurt maker Severin has made its appearance in the shelves of my Monop at a very interesting price. I put it in my shopping basket and in a fit of reason, I rested in telling me that I didn’t need it (and yes, a few times it happens to me). Of course, I returned to the Monop’ on the following day to resume, but she had already disappeared.

Since then, I dabbled : I buy / I purchase not … And I leave comments regularly “subliminal” on the blogs that publish yoghurt in the hope that someone reads them, and arrived one evening with a yogurt maker at home. That certainely, this close there does not read blogs, nor mine, nor the other.

Great reasonable that I am, I said to myself : wait for it to be in the new house to buy this yogurt maker. First, this will be one item less to pack and carry and then I don’t have a place in the current kitchen. And then on Sunday morning, on the way to the market, Adam and I stumbled on a garage sale. And mine nothing, we ballad├ęs a few minutes and “bing” I fell nose to nose with a yogurt maker, “top kitsch”. I ask the prices … 1 euro … And it works ? … Yes, yes, perfectly fine … Okay well I take it …
Then I had a thought for a friend who has also found hers at a garage sale …

Voila, now I am equipped. We’ll see what I’m doing !
In the worst case, I could mount a mini-museum kitchen utensils “vintage” and it will take the company to the great drummer Moulinex already in the house !